Wzrost zainteresowania grą RuneScape

Jagex Games Studio, makers of the multi-award winning fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape, has confirmed a strong growth in both subscribers and active players for the company’s flagship game. The growth of approximately 20% in both metrics in July alone has been attributed to RuneScape’s launch of a Legacy Combat mode and the collaborative development philosophy called Player Power, which was launched in January and has seen players actively participate in the entire development decision-making process over the past seven months.

More than 60 community polls have been held as part of Player Power, with more than eight million votes cast on everything from the most ambitious content plans through to the smallest design details of a weekly game update. This has resulted in the RuneScape community directly setting the agenda for the 2014 development timeline and has led to the development and recent launch of the Legacy Combat mode - a system that offers players the ability to experience RuneScape with an easier combat system and more traditional user interface. Additionally, the creation of the long-anticipated and upcoming expansion pack, the Lost City of the Elves, in collaboration with RuneScape players should build interest both with the community and beyond.

“Community collaboration has been one of Jagex’s strengths and this year we took that philosophy to another level with the Player Power initiative. Handing over control to the players was nerve-wracking at first, but our community have made great choices and responded tremendously well to the opportunity,” said Phil Mansell, vice president of RuneScape. “The steady uplift and recent significant surge in both active players and subscribers shows how important it is to players to have real ownership and shape the game they love.”

“I’m extremely proud of the RuneScape team for their hard work and dedication.” added Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex. “Naturally, I’m also incredibly grateful to our awesome community for their loyalty and continued support. I realised a long time ago that RuneScape never belonged to us, it belonged to millions of likeminded passionate gamers who constitute this great community, and that the team and I are simply lucky enough to have the honour to be able to serve them over the

Gerhard continued: “Like every game RuneScape had begun to suffer from years of successive decline following its initial peak back in 2007. However, since the beginning of 2011 we have achieved the unprecedented success of once again turning the game back into growth starting, funnily enough, with our first ever player poll to introduce free trade and high risk PVP with the Return of the Wilderness. Since then the game continues to go from strength to strength and it’s
great to see RuneScape consistently feature in the top 10 games being streamed on Twitch. Bearing all this in mind, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to thank both my team and community for the continued success of RuneScape.”

To date, 2014 has also seen OldSchool RuneScape retro servers celebrate their first year anniversary (and two millionth registration) alongside the announcement of the fourth RuneScape community celebration, RuneFest, which will take place at London’s Tobacco Dock on 11 th October 2014.