Mount Hua PvP Tournament in Age of Wulin

North Beggar

WEBZEN, a global leader in free-to-play MMORPGs, share information about one of the most anticipated aspects of the upcoming Age of Wulin expansion - Mount Hua PvP Tournament.

Immortal Legends expansion trailer is available on the Webzen official channel

Named after the legendary peak of one of China's Five Great Mountains, the Mount Hua PvP Tournament introduces Age of Wulin players to the monthly in-game competition, where they will be fighting for unique titles, outfits, and a legendary sword as the ultimate prize, with the grand finale taking place on the top of Mount Hua itself.

During the first two weeks of each month, the game system will distribute special invitation letters to the players, based on their status in the official rankings hierarchy. The invitations can then be exchanged for a corresponding amount of points that will determine entry to the competition, where more points give a higher chance to enter the tournament.

As the Mount Hua PvP Tournament is a monthly event, the competition will take place on the first Saturday after the 20th of each month, when the top 32 players with the highest amount of the above-mentioned points will be paired up and prompted to enter the tournament to fight for glory and honour against other players.

Advancing in the tournament will be a mighty challenge, requiring players to truly prove themselves to claim the prestigious prizes. Combatants in the Mount Hua Competition will be fighting for the greatest martial arts prizes the game has to offer - The Heaven-Reliant Sword and the legendary title.

While only the winner of the competition can lay claim to the Heaven-Reliant Sword, the top 5 placed fighters will be also rewarded with a unique outfit and special title. Doing so will place their names in the annals of history, and mark them as Immortal Legends. In addition to these grand top prizes, all participants will receive special bound Martial Arts Packs.

Additionally, to make the fights even more dramatic and exciting, other players who are not actively participating in the fights may spectate any match of the tournament. Spectators can also make wagers throughout the competition, betting on the top 5 placed fighters, or even the outcome of any single match.

The Mount Hua Competition will be introduced with the Immortal Legends expansion in May 2014.

To find out more about this exciting tournament or any other information about the upcoming expansion – Immortal Legends, please visit the official Age of Wulin website