World of Warcraft. Tamuura, Draenai Mage

  • Gra: World of Warcraft
  • Cosplayer: Sharidyon
  • Fotograf: Luca Bresadola, Massimiliano Pellegrini
  • Rok: 2010-2011
  • Kraj: Italy
  • Miasto: Parma

I've decided to create the Tamuura cosplay because a friend of mine invited me in her World of Wacraft group; I'm a wow player since 4 years and my main character is a Draenai, so I suddenly became really excited to afford this challenge, cause the costume, with all its details, was really, really hard.
I had one month of time only, so that's been a real dash against the clock, also because I have a full time job and I had to work on my cosplay on evening only, till late night.

I've created every part of the costume by myself, the dress, the hooves and the weapon, also the wig has been styled and cut in a particular way before being worn.
I wore this costume first time during one of the big comics convention here in Italy, "Lucca Comics and games", with the other guys of the group and we won a prize in the cosplay contest..such a great satisfaction!

During that event my photographer friend, Massimiliano, took me some wonderful pictures and, after a few months, I made a shooting with another pro photographer , Luca Bresadola.


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