Aion. Jo Luffiro Sauce i Hedemi. Anime Expo 2011

  • Gra: Aion
  • Cosplayer: Jo Luffiro Sauce & Hedemi
  • Fotograf: Tyke Jackson, Al Ng, Jaquelyn Norman, Yosi Photography
  • Rok: 2011
  • Kraj: USA
  • Miasto: Los Angeles

I wanted to make this cosplay purely for its amazing designs as well as seeing if i can pull it off. Making it is definitely a big challenge. especially the all the sewing and the endless details on them. The staff was my favorite part! I love making weapons in a cosplay. I usually pick my cosplay base on its weapons. Thanks to all the amazing photographers that have shot this costume for me at Anime Expo 2011.

Jo Luffiro Sauce & Hedemi

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