Tactical Intervention: VIP Escort (English version)

In this mission type, the Counter-Terrorists attempt to escort the VIP and his briefcase to the designated drop point. If the VIP is killed, the Counter-Terrorists can still complete their objective by picking up the briefcase and manually bringing it to the drop zone. The Terrorists attempt to pursue and kill the VIP. Once the VIP is killed, the Terrorists should attempt to acquire his briefcase, and return it to their designated rendez-vous. The round will finish when one team brings the VIP or his briefcase to their designated goal, or when every member of one team is killed. The Counter-Terrorists will receive more points if the VIP is alive at the end of the round.


W - Accelerate
A - Turn left
D - Turn Right
S - Brake/Reverse
X - Change seat
F - Enter/Exit vehicle, pick up the briefcase, take the VIP and move him, secure the briefcase
by using “F” at the rope from the helicopter as a terrorist
Q - Lean out of the Left Window
E - Lean out of the Right Window

- On your road to the drop point, or on your pursuit, there will be weapon crates where u can find grenades, ammo or an additional weapon (rocket launcher, grenade launcher)
- If you got 2 cars or more, make sure that you cover the VIP-Car
- Make sure to stay in the car as long as possible, you can see the health of your car on the bottom left
- Once you’re in the drop zone make sure that you leave the car when u stand still, not earlier! Otherwise u will roll out and that makes you an easy target!
- You don’t have to follow the path prescribed on the road, find your own, maybe shorter paths
- Heal your teammates on the other passenger seats
- Drop grenades you’ve found in the crates right off the window