Tactical Intervention: Gameplay guide (English version)

General Controls:

1. W, A, S, D - Move forward, left, right and backwards
2. Mouse 1 - Attack
3. Mouse 2 - Melee attack or Zoom in
4. R - Reload
5. 1,2,3,4 Mousewheel - Select weapon 1. Primary, 2. Secondary, 3. Knife, 4. Special Weapon
6. Mouse 3 (Click on the mousewheel) - Throw grenade or Plant the bomb
7. CTRL - Crouch
8. SHIFT - Sprint
9. SPACE - On foot: Jump / Vehicle: Handbrake
10. G - Select Grenadetype
11. F2 - Select Loadout

In-depth movement/controls:

1. Leaning (Default Q&E)

Q - On foot: Lean to the left / Vehicle: Lean out of the left window
E - On foot: Lean to the right / Vehicle: Lean out of the right window
Hold Q&E - Blind Fire

Use leaning for your advantage, you’re much harder to hit and harder to see.
Blind fire is only useful if your enemy is near you, cause you got not much accuracy with it

2. Rolling (Default X)

X – On foot: Roll / Vehicle: Change seat

On foot: Rolling can be your lifesaver when you’re on/under fire or if a grenade is near you

Vehicle: If there are not many passengers in a car, you’re able to change your seat to get a better vision at your enemy

3. Healing (Default T)

Heal a Teammate - Healing teammates grants your team a tremendous advantage and a huge amount of XP for yourself

Command Dog (Follow, stay, attack, move)
Utilise your dog to hunt down enemies and attack them! If your enemy is distracted defending himself against your dog's viscious onslaught, you can use that to your advantage and take him out yourself.

4. Using (Default F)

- Open doors
- Charge the Bomb
- Pick up ammo packs, very useful because it grants you ammo and at Team Deathmatch health as well

- At/de-tach Rope- Pick up stuff (Fire extinguisher, propane tank)
- Enter/Exit vehicle
- Grab hostage
- Pick up VIP Briefcase
- Escape with the rope from the helicopter (after picking up the VIP Briefcase)

5. Ingame Voice (Default K)
Communicate with your teammates, communication is the most important part of tactical shooters

6. Ingame Public Chat (Default ENTER)
The only way to talk to your enemies

7. Ingame Team Chat (Default Comma)
The other way to communicate with your teammates, if you don’t got the option to use the ingame voice

8. Take In-game Screenshot (Default F12)

“Steam Community In-Game” has to be enabled to take screenshots.
To do this, select: Steam -> Settings -> In-Game -> Tick the box “Enable Steam Community In-Game” and press "Ok" to apply.

Once you have done that, you will be able to take a screenshot every time you hit the F12 key.

To view them when you’re done, go to Steam and select “View” in your Steam-window and then select “Screenshots”

Pro tips:

- Stick together with your teammates and heal them as much as you can, otherwise you won’t be successful, besides you gain more accuracy for every teammate near yourself
- Try to sneak (crouch) a lot, if you didn’t decide to rush a bombside, to better locate your enemies
- Don’t move too much while you’re shooting, because your accuracy is much lower than
- On long distances try to shoot salvos at your enemy or try to kill him with single tapping
- Use your grenades!
- Headshots do more damage than shooting people in other parts of their body