Tactical Intervention: Bomb Plant Mission (English version)

In this mission type, the Terrorists are attempting to blow up either one of two key locations on the map (points A & B). The Counter-Terrorists are trying to guard these locations from the Terrorists. One Terrorist is chosen to carry the suitcase holding the bomb, this Terrorist is only allowed to use an SMG or a Pistol. While holding the bomb you cannot reload your weapon. Once at one of the bomb plant locations the Terrorist will have to drop the bomb and arm it. Counter-Terrorists aim to defend the points and eliminate the Terrorists. If the Terrorists manage to plant the bomb, the Counter Terrorists must defuse it before the timer runs out.


If you are carrying the bomb, press the “use-key” to drop the bomb. After dropping the bomb you’re able to use your Primary Weapon! This is very important in order to support your teammates as effectively as possible. To arm the bomb you have to be in one of the Bombzones (A or B), drop it with a click on the “use-key” and arm it with the “use-key”.

Pro Tips:

- The Bomb Plant mode is one of the most strategic and tactic sensitive mode in Tactical Intervention. Try to stick together and protect the bomb at all costs, if the bomb drops and the Counter-Terrorists notice that, your chance to win the round is almost zero
- Communication and well planned tactics are the key to be successful
- Talk with your mates who is covering which bombzone and avoid to run around like chickens. Don’t give the terrorists the chance to pick out your players 1 by 1
- Refrags (Killing the enemy who killed your teammate in the same moment) are very important, it’s much harder to win a round outnumbered
- Pick up the ammo packs, for additional clips
- Use your grenades carefully and well thought-out. Don’t waste them, they are your friends!