Tactical Intervention: Beginners Guide (English version)

In our Beginners Guide you will find everything you need to know to start playing the game and to improve your performance in Tactical Intervention. Click the “What is TI” button to learn the basics and figure out how to play the game. Visit the “HUD page” to learn all about your head-up display whilst the “Game Controls” page will teach you to how to move your character. If you visit the “Step-by-step” page you will be guided through different screens where you get a short description for everything you need to know.

Modes of Play

Team Death Match


In this mode, two teams (Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists) go head-to-head in a single winner-take-all round. Teams compete to be the first to reach the target kill count, which is selected by the room host. There is a maximum duration for the match, which is also set by the room host. If neither team has reached the target kill count when time expires, the team with the most kills is declared victorious. 

Respawn Times

After being killed, a player must spend a brief period of time waiting to respawn. Players who would like to decrease their respawn time, and thus get back into the action more quickly, should consider purchasing the Respawn Boost perk (available in the Black Market), which shortens the respawn times by 45%.

Respawn Invulnerability

When a player respawns, he or she is invulnerable for a few seconds. Players in this state will glow blue and red, and cannot be harmed during this time. Players should consider utilizing their invulnerable state to seek out allies, as teammates may not be near the respawn location.


In Team Death Match, requisition items (such as grenades) are earned by racking up consecutive kills, also known as a kill streak. Upon death, a player's active kill streak is reduced to zero. However, any unused items requisitioned during a prior kill streak are not lost upon death.

Please refer to the following table for requisition reward levels:

2 Kills - Minor Grenade (Flashbang, Smoke Grenade)
3 Kills - Major Grenade (Tear Gas, Fragmentation)
6 Kills - Fire Grenade
9 Kills - Special Weapon (RPG-7, Grenade Launcher, Machine Gun)

Item Restrictions

Several inventory items are not usable/applicable in Team Death Match. The Riot Shield and Breaching Charges items are not be usable in Team Death Match, nor are pets of any kind available. In addition, the Requisition Boost perks will not affect the kill streak length required to earn requisition items. 

As in all modes, having a sniper rifle in your equipment slot will not guarantee use of the rifle.



In this mode, the two teams compete to complete a mission objective. A single match will consist of several rounds. Teams will alternate between Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist sides, so that each team will play each round from both sides. Players respawn at the beginning of every round, and must wait for a new round to begin after being killed. 

Points are awarded for completing mission objectives, scoring kills on the other team, and winning individual rounds. At the end of all rounds, points for each team are added up, and the team with the most points wins the match.


There are several different types of Missions, with differing objectives and scoring. Each Mission map has a certain Mission type or types associated
with it - please refer to the Maps section for more information.

Hostage Grab

In this mission type, both the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorist rush to secure the hostages. 

The round will finish when one team has captured all of the hostages, or when every member of one team is killed. Killing hostages reduces your team's score.

Hostage Rescue

In this mission type, the Terrorist team begins in a 'defending zone' along with a selection of hostages. The Counter-Terrorist team attempts to infiltrate the defending zone, rescue hostages, and neutralize the Terrorists. The Terrorists attempt to defend their zone from the Counter-Terrorists.

Terrorists begin with limited ammunition, and initially cannot leave the defending zone. However, the defending zone contains an 'ammo box' somewhere within, with a timer ticking down attached to it. When the timer elapses, the box opens, providing ammunition for pick-up and allowing the Terrorists to leave the defending zone. The timer on the ammo box counts down with increased speed if hostages are gathered around it.

The round will finish when all of the hostages are rescued or killed, or when every member of one team is killed. Killing hostages reduces your team's score.

VIP Escort

In this mission type, the Counter-Terrorists attempt to escort the VIP and his briefcase to the designated drop point. If the VIP is killed, the Counter-Terrorists can still complete their objective by picking up the briefcase and manually bringing it to the drop zone.

The Terrorists attempt to pursue and kill the VIP. Once the VIP is killed, the Terrorists should attempt to acquire his briefcase, and return it to their designated rendez-vous.

 The round will finish when one team brings the VIP or his briefcase to their designated goal, or when every member of one team is killed. The Counter-Terrorists will receive more points if the VIP is alive at the end of the round.

Bomb Plant

In this mission type, the terrorist are attempting to blow up either one of two key locations on the map (A & B points). The Counter-Terrorist are trying to guard these locations from the Terrorists.

One Terrorist has the suitcase holding the bomb, this terrorist is only allowed to use a SMG or a Pistol. While hold the bomb you can not reload your weapon. Once at one of the bomb plant locations the terrorist will have to drop the bomb and arm it.

Counter Terrorists defend the points and eliminate the terrorists. If the terrorist plants the bomb the Counter Terrorist must defuse it before the time runs out.


In mission mode, requisitions are earned by completing mission objectives and scoring kills and assists. When a player reaches a requisition level, the requisition items (grenades and special weapons) are granted to the player at the beginning of the next round. Requisition items are lost at the end of the current round, whether used or not.

Weapon additions

The following weapon additions are applied to some of the guns equipped in the Primary and Secondary Weapon slots in a load-out. Please note that not all additions can be applied to any gun - in fact, some guns will not be equipped with any additions at all.

ACOG Scope
Allowing the weapon to be zoomed 4x.

Muffles the sound and flash effects of the gun. But also lowers its damage slightly.

Can light up a room and also, if pointed at the enemies face will cause a blinding effect. The strength of the blinding effect depends on the distance to your enemy.

Red-Dot Sight
Increasing your accuracy and adds a red dot as your reticule.

Game Tips

- Walk up to a hostage and 'use' them ('F' key) to rescue!

- Remember to reload your weapon ('R' key)!

- As a terrorist, grab a hostage ('F' key) and use them as a shield!

- Press both lean keys ('Q' and 'E' keys) to enter into “blind fire” mode!

- Command the dog to attack, sniff the enemy, and much more ('T' key)!

- Heal your teammates ('T' key)!

- You can rappel from certain locations ('F' key to attach/detach)!

- Requisition items to diversify your tactics!

- Stick with your teammates to gain accuracy!

- Some obstacles can be kicked out of your path ('F' key)!

- Some objects can be picked up and used ('F' key to pick up, left mouse button to use)!

- On fire? Try rolling ('X' key) to put it out!

- You can change your equipment at any time in Team Death Match ('F2' key)!